Blue Max Coated Aluminum Sulfate Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

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Blue Max Coated Aluminum Sulfate Fertilizer

Blue-Max features new polymer-coated E-Max Release Technology that conveniently delivers controlled release Aluminum Sulfate (Al) to create and maintain the desired blue color of hydrangea flowers. With this coated approach, growers can deliver a sustained supply of Al to the plant in a safe and reliable manner. And unlike with drenches, the consistent release within specified longevities eliminates the need for repeated applications, saving time, labor, and ultimately dollars.

  • 100% coated to limit exposure to overdoses; minimizes root burn
  • Consistent release eliminates repeated applications; saves time, labor and money
  • Risk of phytotoxicity is significantly reduced compared to drenches
  • Lasting color inspires retailer/consumer satisfaction
  Rate of application: 8-12 lbs./cubic yard. Varies based on many factors; see label for specific recommendations   Guaranteed analysis: 14% Combined Sulfur Derived from: Polymer Coated Aluminum Sulfate Also contains non-plant food ingredient(s): 13.8% Aluminum derived from Aluminum Sulfate*   *12.6% slow-release sulfur and 12.4% slow-release aluminum from polymer coated aluminum sulfate

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