Blazon Blue Spray Indicator - 2.5 Gallons


Blazon Blue Spray Indicator

Blazon Blue Spray Pattern Indicator is used with pesticide, fertilizer, and PGR solutions to temporarily identify treated areas. The color strength and performance characteristics of Blazon were designed with professional turfgrass managers (golf course superintendents, sports turf managers) in mind.   Milliken's Blazon provides visual feedback of the accuracy, coverage and uniformity of the spray solution application in real time. Use of Blazon alerts the applicator to equipment failures (line/connection leaks, clogged nozzles), as well as personal exposure to the spray solution, promoting safety and efficiency.  
  • High visibility color gives real-time visual feedback of application quality
  • Non-staining for easy cleanup
  • Non-ionic, so there is no interference with pesticide efficacy
  Rate of use:
  • Turf boom sprayer: 12-16 oz./50 gallons of spray solution (2-3 ml per liter of spray solution)
  • Turf backpack sprayer: 1 oz./gallon of spray solution (8 ml per liter of spray solution)
  • Termiticide pre-treatments: 0.25-0.50 oz./gallon of mix (2-4 ml per liter of mix)

Blazon is not intended for use on edible crops.

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