Bgi Bougain Bougainvillea 6-8-10 Fertilizer Plus Minors


BGI Bougainvillea 6-8-10 Fertilizer

BOUGAIN Dry Bougainvillea Fertilizer helps you achieve optimum blooming for your bougainvillea. Its quick-release formula can be applied quickly, does not require mixing and continually nourishes your plants for up to 1 month. When used as directed, this fertilizer is guaranteed to be non-burning and helps protect surrounding vegetation. Its 6-8-10 analysis helps provide an ideal balance of nutrients to help produce vibrant bougainvillea.

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    Seed came through!

    We shopped around for the same item which we purchased for $27 plus $14 shipping = $41. The closest next vendor was Home Depot for $51, if I picked it up and if they had it in stock, Amazon for $52 and free shipping (duh). Need I say more? Seed deliverd it in just a few days with USPS Jack A. Ft. Myers, FL 33913

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