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Ball Clover Excellent for Honey Bees!

Ball clover blooms over a period of 7 to 8 weeks and has a high density of bloom (840 blooms per yard)... Ball clover is an excellent honey plant, and bees show a strong preference for it over other true clovers.

— S. E. McGregor
U.S. Department of Agriculture


“Overall, ball clover appeared to have the most complete set of favorable attributes in this environment (i.e. yield, reseeding ability, grazing tolerance, and a growth season that extended into the summer).”

 — Dr. Richard H. Watson
Extension Forage Specialist
Mississippi State University

Scientific Name Trifolium Nigrescens
Life Cycle Annual
pH above 6.5
Temperature Good Cold Tolerant
Production Spring to early Summer
October - December
Depth 1/8 -1/4 inch.
Seed Rate
4 Lbs Per Acre
Inoculant rhizobium bacteria "B" for  Clover




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  • K
    Kyle D. K. D. Kyle D.

    To Theo

    YOU planted it in Feb-Mar. Ball clover is to be planted in late Sep to early Dec in most of the US. It is an annual and needs the winter to put down root. It seeds out in April-May, its about done by June. You didn't plant it early enough for it to grow. Don't blame the seed company for your failure to research. And if you put twenty pounds on 1.5 acres when it calls for a seeding rate of 4lbs to the acre, you put down 14lbs to many and wasted time and resources. Over seeding does not make up for poor soil or poor planting practices.

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