Aluminum Sulfate Granular Fertilizer

General Chemical

Aluminum Sulfate Granular Fertilizer

  • Great for Hydrangeas
  • Acidifies Soil (lowers pH), corrects high alkalinity

Contains: Fertilizer grade Aluminum Sulfate, as Metallic 9.0%. Not for spray application.

Use on: Acid loving shrubs like rhododendrons, hydrangeas, blueberries, dogwoods, holly, gardenias, camellias, and azaleas.

Corrects: Excess alkalinity in the soil.

Rate: For large shrubs use 1 lb. per 3 ft. of height. For Trees, use 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter. For small shrubs, use 5 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

Application: Broadcast evenly, wash off foliage and water.

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  • X
    Xi Wu X. W. Xi W.

    Quick shipping

    Great price too

  • M
    Michael Louis M. L. Michael L.


    200 pounds removed clay from a moderately turbid pond with 3.5 acre feet of water

  • O
    Omar R. Tejeda O. R. T. Omar R. T.



  • A
    Andrew Dunin A. D. Andrew D.

    Aluminum Sulphate

    Great service and product

  • c
    chris heeley C. H. chris h.

    Wish it came with instructions...

    I need to lower the ph in my soil. I purchased aluminum sulfate because it works more quickly than ammonium sulfate. I was hoping there would be some information about rate of spreading (e.g. lbs/1000). Something like pools use for adding chemicals (eg. if you want to drop it x use y rate).

  • J
    Jennifer Janutolo J. J. Jennifer J.

    Great service

    Always a pleasure , thank you

  • J
    Josh Henning J. H. Josh H.

    Clean clay pond cloudyness

    Clearing up my clay bottom pond nicely making it more clear to see in

  • A
    Aaron Breazeale A. B. Aaron B.

    Worked very well

    Used to drop ph of my front yard after a soil test came back extremely alkaline.

  • J
    James Powell J. P. James P.

    Boy that bag was no joke 44lbs

    I can't wait to get this into the soil. Thank God there're companies like this that don't try and take you for a ride on costs. I'm just trying to get a good healthy garden going. It was a good deal for 44lbs and our soil was way way off. Not unfixable, just in dire need of amendments. Everything was either too high or too low and when I say low I mean loooow. Seriously though, thank you guys and gals. I'm putting everything in this weekend. It's like Christmas.

  • M
    Martin Isaac M. I. Martin I.

    good product

    fast and accurate. would reorder

  • J
    Jesse steen J. S. Jesse s.

    Aluminum sulfate

    As described!

  • S
    Steve Shea S. S. Steve S.

    Aluminum Sulfate

    As described and super quick shipping.

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