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Aeschynomene Seed (Deer Vetch) - 1 Lb.

Aeschynomene Aka Deer Vetch Seeds:

Variety: Americana 

Aeschynomene is a warm-season annual legume adapted to moist sites throughout the state, but it is mainly grown in South Florida. Seed of two species are commercially available to producers: Aeschynomene americana, also known as common aeschynomene, joint vetch or deer vetch, and a newly available species Aeschynomene evenia, which has no common name.

Planting Information: 

Date: April - June
Rate: 20 lbs. per acre or ½ lb. per 1000 sq. ft.
Depth: ¼" 
Excellent: Food Plots for Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, and Quail.

Category: Aeschynomene

Type: Legume Seed

Vendor: Seed Ranch

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