8-15-36 Soluble Fertilizer - 25 Lbs.


Southern Ag 8-15-36 Soluble Fertilizer 

This fertilizer has been formulated for growing plants in soilless culture. This formulation contains Boron and Molybdenum. The Boron could be injurious to Boron sensitive crops. The Molybdenum could be injurious to ruminants feeding on treated plant material. The grower is cautioned, before using this mixture, to determine that the primary plant food and micronutrient composition meets his specific requirements.


Rate of use: Mix 1/2 lb. of 8-15-36 per 100 gallons of water for full strength working solution. See product label for full details.

Active Ingredients:

  • Nitrogen - 8% (Ammoniacal Nitrogen - 0.50%; Nitrate Nitrogen -7.5%)
  • Phosphoric Acid - 15%
  • Potash - 36%
  • Chlorine - not more than 1%
  • Boron as B - 0.20%
  • Copper as Cu (Chelated) - 0.05%
  • Iron as Fe (Chelated) - 0.40%
  • Manganese as Mn (Chelated) - 0.20%
  • Molybdenum as Mo - 0.01%
  • Zinc as Zn (Chelated) - 0.05%

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  • R
    Rachael Ryan R. R. Rachael R.

    Hydroponic Supplies

    We recently ordered hydroponic growing supplies from Seed World and were very pleased with our order. Items came fast undamaged and exactly as described. This was a thousand times better experience than we had with another vendor for similar products and these were even at a better price! We will definitely purchase again.

  • G
    Gary Mcelhaney G. M. Gary M.

    Have no receive it

    I have not got it yet. Still waiting on it to come to my house

  • E
    Eric Gerry E. G. Eric G.

    Happy with my purchase!

    This was a great deal on a product I am confident in. I say this because although I'm sure that the fertilizer I bought will work just super, I have only used it like once one day and twice the next and just now at about 5 days since I got it, slowing that frequency to a crawl from here-on, on about 21 giant pumpkin plants of varying fruit sizes and about 10 field pumpkin plants of giant heritage. In fact, in thinking of it to type this, the leaves on a FP in back of my house have gotten very large within that time frame and the pumpkins I have been checking are still getting larger...YEAH! Again, great deal, great product for certain and the shipping was quick and for the least $$$ I could find for DAYS. Will be shopping here again, indeed!!! eg

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