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Garlon 3A Herbicide - 2.5 Gallon

Dow AgroSciences

Garlon 3A Specialty Herbicide

Garlon 3A Specialty Herbicide provides superior woody plant and broadleaf weed control while maintaining the integrity of roadsides or rights-of-way.  
  • Broad-spectrum brush and broadleaf weed control
  • Translocates to control the entire plant--shoots and roots
  • Amine formulation (3 lbs. a.i./gallon)
  • Selective to warm- and cool-season right-of-way grasses, including fescue, brome and native grass species
  • Labeled for foliar applications as well as applications to emerged weeds and brush in standing water or on banks and shores of ponds or lakes found on rights-of-way or production forests
  • Rainfast within two hours
  Rate of use: 0.25-3.0 gallons/acre to control broadleaf weeds and woody plants. See label for complete instructions.
Active ingredient: 
44.4% Triclopyr

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