Pentra Bark Bark Penetrating Surfactant - 1 Gallon


Pentra-Bark is a superior nonionic wetting agent, designed for improving the penetration of water-based basal applications through bark. When Pentra-Bark is applied to the woody bark periderm in combination with systemic pesticides, it opens the lenticels and enables movement of the pesticide into the plant’s vascular transport system. 

  • May be used in agriculture, horticulture, industrial, and forestry operations
  • Designed for fast-spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of spray on leaf and stem surfaces
  • May be used with most pesticides and fertilizer products

Suggested rates of use vary depending on the type of chemical it is used with:

  • Insecticides, miticides, and fungicides: 6-32 oz. Pentra-Bark per 100 gal. spray mixture
  • Herbicides, defoliants & dessicants, and Glyphosate formulations without added surfactants: 12-64 oz. Pentra-Bark per 100 gal. spray mixture
  • Fertilizers and micronutrients: 4-32 oz. Pentra-Bark per 100 gal. spray mixture

Active ingredient: Alkylphenol ethoxylate, polysiloxane polyether copolymer, propylene glycol: 99.8%

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Category: Pentra-Bark, Surfactant

Type: Surfactants

Brand: Quest

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