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Triple Super Phosphate Bulb Booster 0-40-0 Fertilizer - 5 Lbs.


Southern Ag Triple Super Phosphate 0-40-0 Bulb Booster


  • Enhances stem strength and flower formation and set

Granular grade Phosphate 40%. Not for spraying.

Use on:
Vegetables, fruit trees, bulbs, flowers and shrubs

Phosphorous for increased rooting and blooming.

At planting; Use 5 lbs. per 200 sq. ft. Vegetables; 1 lb. per 50 foot of row. Roses or large shrubs; 1/4 cup per plant. Fruit Trees; 1 cup per inch of trunk diameter. Top dress; 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 20 square feet

Spread over area and water in thoroughly or incorporate into planting bed.
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