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Thiomyl Ornamental Systemic Fungicide - 6 oz.



  • Repackage of Cleary 3336 WP
  • Treats bulbs after digging for over-wintering
  • Controls many stem, crown & root rots
  • Controls many leaf spots such as black spot of roses

CONTAINS: 50% Thiophanate Methyl Wettable Powder.

USE ON: Roses, many ornamentals, and bulbs as bulb dip.

CONTROLS: Anthracnose, fusarium blight, black spot, botrytis and other diseases on ornamentals.

RATE: Spray: 2.75 - 3 teaspoons per gal for most uses. See label for correct rate.

APPLICATION: Mix with water, apply as a full volume foliar spray.

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  • J
    Jan Reichert J. R. Jan R.

    Fungus control

    Every aspect of your company is great. Thank you.

  • t
    ted Mendez T. M. ted M.

    hard to find

    seed world has what others dont ..and at great prices with efficient prompt delivery d old fashion value ...

  • K
    Kyle White K. W. Kyle W.

    All good!

    Everything was shipped promptly and correct. Thank you

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