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Soil Acidifier Pellets - 50 Lbs. Granular Sulfur Fertilizer

Southern Ag

Organic Sulfur Fertilizer Granular Pellets


  • No dust, hard, uniform pellets
CONTAINS: 90% Sulfur

USE ON: Lawns, shrubs, trees, and before planting vegetables and flowers.

FOR: The correction of high pH of soils.

RATE: Use 10 to 15 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (1 to 1 1/2 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.) to reduce pH one unit. Do not overdose, have pH checked before making a second application.

APPLICATION: Spread evenly over the area and water thoroughly.

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  • K
    Kevin Thom K. T. Kevin T.

    Soil Acidifier

    All went very well. Product is what it is supposed to be; 90% sulfur. Very satisfied. Just TILLED it into garden prior to planting tomatoes, so it will be a while to find out positive effects.

  • R
    Richard Sikora R. S. Richard S.

    My second order

    Much like my first order everything was GREAT! The web site was EZ to navigate. The price was right. The shipping was timely. My order was correct and complete delivered to my door. Ah PERFECT. Life is GOOD.

  • J
    Jim Tate J. T. Jim T.

    good job

    quick delivery and it is what I ordered.

  • J
    Jerry Roggie J. R. Jerry R.

    Good service

    I would have given 5 stars if a tracking number would have been provided so I could know approximate shipping time. Well pleased

  • F
    Fletcher Hanks F. H. Fletcher H.

    excellent product

    it is sulfur and it makes my wood ashes the best fertliser ever!!

  • D
    David Tanner D. T. David T.

    Good product

    Good price even with shipping charges. Looks like quality product. If I can make a suggestion, before putting the bag in a box, put some shipping tape over the mouth of the bag where you would pour it out. There was probably a cup of product that had escaped the bag from the pour spout during transit.

  • D
    Daniel Hildebrand D. H. Daniel H.

    Delivered in Good Condition and On Time

    I could not find this product locally due to time of year so I had to order from the South. With shipping, it actually cost the same as buying from the local stores I know about. product is consistent in size and easy to use. The bags are strong and there was no damage in shipping. I have used some in the fall weather and will have to wait to see how it works.

  • K
    Kevin Singer K. S. Kevin S.

    Great products and prices

    Great products, prices and fast shipping!

  • T
    Thomas Howard T. H. Thomas H.

    Sulfur for high Ph

    Don't know what to expect from the product. I'm following directions from a consultant who did my soil test.. I'll know more in my next soil test.

  • w
    walter sivigny W. S. walter s.

    good deal

    This is the best and cheapest way to keep my PH where I want it.

  • Brand . B. B.

    Shipped securely

    I received my 50lbs bags packed in boxes for protection, nice. I've just spread the pellets so i can't comment on the effect of the product maybe in a couple of months I will see results

  • S
    Shawn Weitekamp S. W. Shawn W.

    My first time ordering with Seed World and everything was great

    High quality product arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  • R
    Roberts R. Roberts

    Quick Delivery

    Product was packaged well and delivered much quicker then I thought it would be. Pellets are solid pieces. Seems other places have stopped selling the 50lbs bags so even with shipping charges added it still worked out cheaper then 3 X 15lb bags.

  • N
    Neil Pettit N. P. Neil P.


    Package arrived quickly and in excellent shape. Will know if application has worked when I check the ph level in spring.

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