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Soil Acidifier Pellets - 50 Lbs. Granular Sulfur Fertilizer

Southern Ag

Organic Sulfur Fertilizer Granular Pellets


  • No dust, hard, uniform pellets
CONTAINS: 90% Sulfur

USE ON: Lawns, shrubs, trees, and before planting vegetables and flowers.

FOR: The correction of high pH of soils.

RATE: Use 10 to 15 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (1 to 1 1/2 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.) to reduce pH one unit. Do not overdose, have pH checked before making a second application.

APPLICATION: Spread evenly over the area and water thoroughly.

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  • D
    David Tanner D. T. David T.

    Good product

    Good price even with shipping charges. Looks like quality product. If I can make a suggestion, before putting the bag in a box, put some shipping tape over the mouth of the bag where you would pour it out. There was probably a cup of product that had escaped the bag from the pour spout during transit.

  • D
    Daniel Hildebrand D. H. Daniel H.

    Delivered in Good Condition and On Time

    I could not find this product locally due to time of year so I had to order from the South. With shipping, it actually cost the same as buying from the local stores I know about. product is consistent in size and easy to use. The bags are strong and there was no damage in shipping. I have used some in the fall weather and will have to wait to see how it works.

  • K
    Kevin Singer K. S. Kevin S.

    Great products and prices

    Great products, prices and fast shipping!

  • T
    Thomas Howard T. H. Thomas H.

    Sulfur for high Ph

    Don't know what to expect from the product. I'm following directions from a consultant who did my soil test.. I'll know more in my next soil test.

  • w
    walter sivigny W. S. walter s.

    good deal

    This is the best and cheapest way to keep my PH where I want it.

  • Brand . B. B.

    Shipped securely

    I received my 50lbs bags packed in boxes for protection, nice. I've just spread the pellets so i can't comment on the effect of the product maybe in a couple of months I will see results

  • S
    Shawn Weitekamp S. W. Shawn W.

    My first time ordering with Seed World and everything was great

    High quality product arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  • R
    Roberts R. Roberts

    Quick Delivery

    Product was packaged well and delivered much quicker then I thought it would be. Pellets are solid pieces. Seems other places have stopped selling the 50lbs bags so even with shipping charges added it still worked out cheaper then 3 X 15lb bags.

  • N
    Neil Pettit N. P. Neil P.


    Package arrived quickly and in excellent shape. Will know if application has worked when I check the ph level in spring.

  • P
    Patrick Gazarkiewicz P. G. Patrick G.

    Garden sulfur 100 lbs

    Great price on a quality item! Shipping very reasonable! Will order more!!

  • A
    Alyce Siats A. S. Alyce S.


    Was shipped and delivered in a very short time, great job!

  • J
    Jo Hersey J. H. Jo H.

    Sulfer pellets

    Perfect for sprinkling out for snake's

  • J

    Granular Sulfur Fertilizer

    Excellent product

  • J
    Jeff Stuparits J. S. Jeff S.

    Sulfur 50#

    Very fast shipping. Product looks good.

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