Roundup Pro Concentrate Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons

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Roundup Pro 50.2% Glyphosate Herbicide

Roundup Pro Concentrate is a post-emergent, systemic herbicide with no residual soil activity. It gives broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. It is formulated as a water-soluble liquid and may be applied through standard equipment after dilution and mixing with water or other carriers according to label instructions.

**Surfactant is recommended during Summer months to keep product from evaporating off weeds before it is absorbed**

2.5 Gallon Jug makes 100 gallons.

  • Backed by over 25 years of Monsanto experience and Roundup product stewardship.
  • Tested and proven results.
  • The active ingredient, glyphosate, has favorable environmental characteristics such as low volatility and binds tightly to soil.

Unsurpassed Weed Control

  • One-hour rain warranty.
  • No other herbicide controls more weeds.
  More Concentrated Formulation
  • Delivers more miles per gallon.
  • Fewer containers to handle.
  • Packaging options to fit nearly every application need.

Active Ingredient: 50.2% Glyphosate

Usage: For broadcast ground applications: Use this product at the rate of 0.8 to 1.6 quarts per acre for annual weeds, 1.6 to 4 quarts per acre for perennial weeds and 4 to 8 quarts per acre for woody brush and trees. For all other application techniques, please see product label below. We recommend adding 1 pint of non-ionic surfactant per 100 gallons. to 8 quarts per acre for woody brush and trees. For all other application techniques, please see product label below.

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  • M
    Michael Hooper M. H. Michael H.

    Only the best

    One of the best products on the market. Works great along with 2,4-d for keeping weeds and grasses killed

  • U
    Uriel Simon U. S. Uriel S.


    Amazing !!!! Does what it needs to do.

  • B
    Basman Sweis B. S. Basman S.


    Excellent website. easy to navigate

  • D
    David Anderson D. A. David A.

    Great service

    Excellent product as well as a quick delivery

  • E
    Edward Payne E. P. Edward P.

    Always quick service!

    Always happy doing business with you!

  • S
    Steve Ayers S. A. Steve A.


    Delivered to wrong address

  • F
    Frank Schaffer F. S. Frank S.

    Well packed and shipped fast AAAA ++++ Thanks

    Thanks for the great service!

  • B
    Bill Neri B. N. Bill N.

    Round up

    Seed world took our order and shipped it to us very fast. It arrived in perfect condition. We are very happy with our purchase from seed world.

  • J
    Jason Barnes J. B. Jason B.

    Roundup Pro Concentrate Herbicide

    Delivered as promised.

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