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Diquat Water Weed Landscape Herbicide - 1 Gallon


Diquat Water Weed and Landscape Herbicide is a nonvolatile herbicidal chemical for use as a general herbicide to control weeds in commercial greenhouses and nurseries; ornamental seed crops (flowers, bulbs, etc. - except in the state of California); landscape, industrial, recreational, commercial, residential, and public areas; turf renovation (all turf areas except commercial sod farms); dormant established turfgrass (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass - nonfood or feed crop); and aquatic areas.

 Absorption and herbicidal action is usually quite rapid with effects visible in a few days. Diquat Water Weed and Landscape Herbicide controls weeds by interfering with photosynthesis within green plant tissue. Weed plants should be succulent and actively growing for best results.


Recommended rate of use: 

  • Broadcast: 1-2 pints per acre
  • Spot spray: 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons of water 


Active ingredient: 37.3% Diquat dibromide



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  • D
    David Dollar D. D. David D.

    I'm always happy with anything I get and the they always make sure shipping is always on tume

    Diquat Water Weed Landscape Herbicide - 1 Gallon

  • R
    Rick Elms R. E. Rick E.

    Excellent service

    Quick and easy hope the product does the same way

  • J
    John Calcei J. C. John C.

    Diquat Water Weed Herbicide

    Seed World order for diquat herbicide was filled and delivered quickly and promptly. I am impressed with this new company that I found to fill my lake restoration needs. Thanks to all the employees at Seed World.

  • P
    Philip Lowe P. L. Philip L.

    Awesome service

    Thank you for such great service fast and very careful handling

  • One bottle was leaking
    Pat Kirby P. K. Pat K.

    One bottle was leaking

    Thank goodness, you package the bottles in plastic. One of the bottles had leaked out about 2 ounces of fluid it was contained in the plastic enclosure. It had, however, ruined the paper instructions on the outside of the bottle. I removed the plastic container, clean the bottom, and remove the tape from the lid. I was able to continue to tighten the lid. If you're going to the trouble to tape the lid down, make sure it is tight first.

  • s
    scott wallace S. W. scott w.

    fast order

    i love diaquat burns it done great price

  • P
    Patrick Cogan P. C. Patrick C.


    Excellent. Thanks!!

  • B
    Byron Bacot B. B. Byron B.


    Good product

  • j
    jeanette czachur J. C. jeanette c.

    Open Package

    No issue with product or shipment, however, the gallon jug had clearly been previously opened since it had been taped shut. Should have been sold as open box not as new.

  • R
    Robert Wright R. W. Robert W.

    Weed killer

    Product works as advertised

  • G
    Gordon P. G. P. Gordon P.

    Works great

    Works great

  • E
    Elizabeth Villalvazo E. V. Elizabeth V.


    Fast and easy no problem at all, well packaged with excellent service.

  • R
    Richard Gibson R. G. Richard G.

    fast shipment

    fast shipment

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