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Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide Herbicide - 12 Lbs.

Cutrine-Plus is an Algaecide/Herbicide ideal for planktonic and filamentous algae, Chara and Hydrilla. Its granular formulation is ideal for bottom growing (benthic) algae.

  • Has no general water use restrictions at label rates.
  • Waters treated with this product may be used for swimming, fishing, drinking water treatment, livestock watering or irrigating turf, ornamental plants or crops following treatment.

For use in:

  • Lakes
  • Potable water reservoirs
  • Ponds
  • Fish hatcheries 

Active ingredient: 3.7% copper as elemental (copper-ethanolamine)

Application rate: 60 lbs. per surface acre or 1 lb. per 720 sq. ft.

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