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Knock Out Double Red Rose Plant- 1 Gallon

Seed Ranch

Knock Out Double Red Roses

Double Knock Out Roses come from the Knock Out Rose Collection. Same performance. Better looking. Slightly more winter hardy

Knock Out roses are extremely easy to grow and require no special care, which is why they are the most widely sold rose in North America. They are highly resistant to disease, with bloom cycles every 5 to 6 weeks that continue till early winter. If pruned, they can grow between 3 to 4 feet tall.

Rose Knock Out: 

Low Maintenance 

Full Sun

Zones 5-11

Keep Moist

Keep at 20°F+

Apply Slow Release Fertilizer every 2-3 months


Currently, we are unable to send plants to California.

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  • S
    Stan Goodson S. G. Stan G.

    ROSE shipping

    Two of the 5 roses had damage to the top branches. The others only had 1 or 2 branches and did not affect their overall look. The first 2 bushes had almost all their branches broken and had to be pruned. These bushes only have branches extending about 2in. from the dirt. being knock out roses I believe they will grow over time, I just cant put them into the flower bed until they get a foot or better tall.

  • w
    william Doranski W. D. william D.

    Bought but never got

    Order product.... never received...

  • J
    Jerry Moody J. M. Jerry M.

    The order has not been delivered

    Knock Out Double Red Rose Plant- 1 Gallon

  • J
    Jennifer Malvig J. M. Jennifer M.

    Not here yet

    Knock Out Double Red Rose Plant- 1 Gallon

  • E
    Eva Prater E. P. Eva P.

    Partial order

    Ordered 10 red double knockout roses. I received 7 red and 1 pink. More are supposedly on the way? but why would I want to fool with returns?

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