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Cowart Muscadine Grape Vine Plant - 1 Gallon

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Muscadine Grape Vine Plant 

Muscadine grapes (Muscadinia rotundifolia; formerly Vitis rotundifolia) are truly a fruit for the South. Native to the Southeastern United States, they were discovered by the early colonists and have been a favorite fruit of Southerners ever since. Although muscadines can be grown successfully in most parts of the state, they are best adapted from the piedmont to the coastal plain. The severe winters of the mountains hamper production there.

The fruit is black and medium-sized. Quality is very good. The vine is vigorous and productive and berries ripen medium early. Disease resistance is good. Fruits have about 17% sugar.


First Year: Apply fertilizer three times:

  • After planting apply ½ cup (¼ pound) of premium quality 10-10-10.
  • In late May apply ¼ cup (2 ounces) of 34-0-0 or ½ cup (¼ pound) of calcium nitrate.
  • In early July apply ¼ cup (2 ounces) of 34-0-0 or ½ cup (¼ pound) of calcium nitrate.

Broadcast each application in an 18-inch circle centered on the vine but keep all fertilizer 6 inches from the stem or trunk. Young vines are very sensitive to excessive nitrogen and will die if the roots take up too much nitrogen at one time. A one-pint jar holds one pound of most fertilizers.

Second Year: Timing and method are the same as the first year. Double the rate of fertilizer for each application. Increase the diameter of the broadcast circle to 2 or 3 feet.

Third year: If the vine has grown well the first two years and a crop is expected, apply 2 pounds of 10-10-10 or equivalent per vine in March. Apply 1 pound of 10-10-10 per vine in May. Broadcast in a 6-foot circle. If plants have not grown well, fertilize as instructed for the second year.

Established Vines: Apply 3 to 5 pounds of premium quality 10-10-10 per plant in March of each year. Apply ½ pound of 34-0-0 or 1 pound of calcium nitrate around the first of June. Check the soil pH about once every three years through your county Extension office.

Grape Plant:

Full to Partial Shade

Keep Moist


Apply Slow Release Fertilizer every 2-3 Months

Apologies not for sale to: Ca, Az.

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    Grape Vine

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    Cowart Muscadine grape

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