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Piccolo 10 XC Plant Growth Regulator - 1 Quart

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Piccolo 10 XC Plant Growth Regulator

Piccolo 10 XC is a plant growth regulator for use on commercially grown ornamental plants grown in containers in nurseries and greenhosues. Piccolo 10 XC reduces internode elongation, resulting in more desirable compact plants. The multitude of variations in application methods, cultivar, species, climactic and growing conditions makes it impossible to test Piccolo under all conditions. Treat a limited number of plants and observe plant responses before applying to a large number of plants for the first time.

Should be applied by spray or drench. Consistently agitate the spray/drenching solution to ensure uniform distribution during application. Piccolo 10 XC does not require the addition of wetting agents.

Usage: Varies depending on type of plant and method of application; see label for complete instructions.

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