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Groom PGR Plant Growth Regulator - 1 Gallon

Sipcam Agro

Groom Turf Growth Management

Active ingredient: Trinexapac-ethyl - 11.3%

Groom PGR is a microemulsion concentrate (MEC) for warm- and cool-season turf that slows growth, reduces mowing frequency and minimizes grass clippings. Applications of Groom PGR frequently result in increased turf density, color and quality. Groom PGR is also useful in the management of difficult-to-mow areas and can be used to minimize the need for edging along sidewalks, parking lots, fences, trees, etc.


  • Golf course turf, sports turf, commercial and residential lawns


  • Reduces vertical turfgrass growth while allowing lateral growth and root development
  • Reduces mowing frequency and minimizes clippings
  • Promotes quality and color
  • Enhances stress tolerance
  • Foliar absorbed and rainfast in one hour

Product Label


EPA Reg. No 83070-4



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