(On Backorder) Snail and Slug Bait - 20 Lbs.


Southern Ag Snail and Slug Bait

Snail & Slug Bait is a controlled release soil surface treatment for control of snails and slugs in citrus groves, orchards, berry crops, vegetable crops and gardens, ornamental gardens, seed grasses, dichondra and turf grass lawns and in ornamental greenhouses. When applied as directed, Snail & Slug Bait will withstand rain and sprinkling and will offer protection to gardens and lawns for several weeks.

  • Baits do not require watering in
  • Low use rate
  • Creates "guard line" at the edge of plantings
Contains: 3.25% Metaldehyde pelletized bait.   Rate of use: 1 lb. treats 1,100-1,500 square feet (30-40 lbs per acre)   Product Label

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  • J
    Joyce Mehl J. M. Joyce M.

    Excellent Service

    Excellent service and quality product.

  • r
    robert sunday R. S. robert s.

    fast delivery/best price

    Best price and quick delivery. How can you not love that?

  • R
    Robert Klong R. K. Robert K.

    Snail bait

    Got as promised

  • S
    Steve Tacopina S. T. Steve T.

    Where is my order??

    I have not received my product!!

  • D
    Donna Laskey D. L. Donna L.

    High Shipping Costs

    Delivery was quick, I liked that. But, you didn't send the correct order. You substituted an item without asking me. That wasn't fair and caused me additional issues.

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