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Floramite Miticide - Quart


Floramite SC/LS Ornamental Miticide

Floramite SC/LS is effective for the control of a variety of mite species, especially spider mites, red mites and grass mites. NOTE: It is not effective against rust mites, broad mites and flat mites. Floramite SC/LS is primarily active on the motile stages of mites, but also has ovicidal activity against spider mites (Tetranychus species).  It can be used on all ornamental plants and on non-bearing fruit trees.

Mix 4 to 8 fluid ounces Floramite SC/LS in 100 gals. of water (1/4 - 1/2 tsp/gal) and apply as a full coverage spray to the foliage using a volume of 1-4 qts. of final solution per 100 sq.ft. (or 100 - 400 gals. per acre). Actual spray volume will vary depending on the size of plants being treated. Application should be made as soon as mites appear and will provide residual control for up to 28 days.

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