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Dyna Gold Chelated Calcium Fertilizer - 2.5 Gallons

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Dyna Gold Chelated Calcium Liquid Fertilizer

Dyna Gold Calcium is a chelated secondary plant nutrient that will aid in supplementing the crop's calcium requirement throughout the growing season. When used as part of a balanced fertility program, it will correct and prevent calcium deficiencies, especially in rapidly expanding foliage and fruiting structures. It is not designed to correct soil pH or to provide the total calcium requirements of the plant.

  Suggested rate of use: 
  • For lawns, turf, or sod: 6-8 oz. per 1000 sq. ft., repeated every 14-21 days
  • For foliage and ornamentals: 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons of water (use as a foliar spray or drench)
  • For vegetables or field crops: 1-2 quarts per acre
  • For fruits, nuts, and vine crops: 2-3 quarts per acre
Active ingredient: 8.25% Chelated Calcium

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