Lawn Grass Seed

Sahara II Bermuda Grass Seed Unhulled - 25 Lbs.


Sahara II Bermuda Grass features a medium-fine texture and early spring green-up. It is traffic tolerant with reduced plant height, and low in thatch. Recommended for golf courses, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, athletic fields, home lawns, and erosion control.

Establishment information: plant at a rate of 0.75-2 lbs. per 1000 square feet, 1/16th inch deep, in summer. Keep moist until grass is three inches tall.

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  • T
    Todd Eldridge T. E. Todd E.

    Review huh?? Too soon

    I can't tell you anything about this seed, the shipment was delayed two times, missed my opportunity to plant it so it is still in the bag waiting for the dirt to dry up enough to prepare it again because the shipment was delayed two times and missed my planting date. No idea how the seed is assume fine, it is just grass seed, if it comes up it did it's job. Not sure why we need a review on seed.

  • J
    John Thoren J. T. John T.

    Sahara II Bermuda Purchase

    Received order in 3 days in good shape. The price was right. I won't be seeding until late April or early May. We will see how it comes in.

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