Conserve SC Turf and Ornamental Insecticide - 1 Quart

Dow AgroSciences

Conserve SC Specialty Insect Control 

Spinosad 11.6%

Conserve SC uniquely combines the efficacy of synthetic insecticides with the benefits of biological insect pest control products. In fact, it was the first product registered in the turf and ornamental market in the spinosyn chemical class. It has a unique mode of action, which makes it compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and an excellent product for use in rotation programs designed to fight resistance. Conserve SC is effective on target insects through both ingestion and contact exposure. Complete control of exposed insects is generally expected within one to three days, comparable with other synthetic insect control products, and much faster than most traditional biologicals. Conserve SC provides up to two weeks of control.

Conserve SC controls a wide variety of turfgrass and ornamental insect pests, including: 

  • Bagworms
  • Black cutworms
  • Chilli thrips
  • Eastern tent caterpillars
  • Elm leaf beetles
  • Fall armyworms
  • Fall webworms
  • Gypsy moth larvae
  • Hickory tussock moth larvae
  • Pod gall midges
  • Sawflies
  • Serpentine leafminers
  • Sod webworms
  • Spider mites (with an adjuvant)
  • Spruce budworms
  • Thrips
  • Willow leaf beetles
  • Yellownecked caterpillars


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