Bifen XTS 25.1% Bifenthrin Insecticide - 1 Qt.

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 Bifen XTS Insecticide

▪ Provides long residual activity for improved pest control

▪ Fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid with low odor and quick knock down

▪ Controls over 75 unwanted pests including termites, ants and surface feeding insects

▪ May be used as pre-treat and post-treat termiticide, general insecticide and all turf and ornamental use sites

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  • L
    Luke Webster L. W. Luke W.

    Recieved product

    Recieved product undamaged. Have not used it yet.

  • C
    Charles Schneider C. S. Charles S.

    Bifenthrin insecticide

    Have not used it yet.

  • D
    David J Mier D. J. M. David J. M.

    No complaints

    Fast shipping, great communication and customer service!

  • C
    Carlos Polo C. P. Carlos P.

    Bugs Killed

    It is a good product.

  • G
    George Medlin G. M. George M.

    Kill em all

    It works better and cheaper than a exterminator

  • B
    Barton Shipley B. S. Barton S.

    product review

    This was a reorder. i utilized this product to rid my lawn of fire ant hills… This stuff is amazing… it quickly killed over 24 large mounds and kept my lawn ant free for the whole season.. Added bonus is that it works to kill many pest including termites!!! I am absolutely sold on this product.. I have spent hundreds of dollars for stuff at the big box stores that frankly didn’t work and was a waste of money. i was skeptical when i first tried it as it is a bit expensive but i can honestly say it is worth the price paid … it flat works!!! Seed World provides quick delivery of the product and their customer service is very helpful if needed or questions come up.. overall I highly recommend this product and Seed World . They have earns my business for life when it comes to eradicating fire ants for the entire season with one proper application.. Thanks Seed World

  • C
    Casey Sherman C. S. Casey S.

    Good Packing, fast shipping, awesome product!

    Bifen XTS 25.1% Bifenthrin Insecticide - 1 Qt.

  • B
    Brian Becker B. B. Brian B.

    this stuff works great

    I am former pest control, so when I want something for my self I use this chemical, follow the instruction and you'll be happy with the results

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