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Rout Ornamental Herbicide - 50 Lbs.


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Rout Ornamental Herbicide

Rout is and ornamental herbicide for pre-emergence control of weeds in a container, field grown and landscape ornamentals, cut flowers, and foliage crops. Rout does not control established weeds. Rout Ornamental Herbicide combines two selective herbicides on one clay granule giving the user a broader spectrum of weed control and ornamental plant tolerance. Rout Ornamental Herbicide is not registered for use on vegetable or edible fruit bearing crops, turf, bedding plants or flowering crops except as described in the landscape ornamentals and cut flower and foliage crops sections.

For sale and use by professional applicators only. Not for sale or use by homeowners/consumer. Intended for sale to, use and storage by commercial nursery, cut flower, foliage and landscape personnel only

Usage: 100 Lbs. per acre.

Active Ingredients:

Oxyfluorfen - 2%

Oryzalin - 1%

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