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Pendulum 2G Herbicide - 40 Lbs.


Pendulum 2G Herbicide

Pendulum 2G herbicide is one of the most economical preventive weed control options in the ornamental nursery industry, controlling a wide range of weed species - more than 40 grassy and broadleaf weeds - at a low-cost-per-acre price. Over 335 ornamental species are listed on the label.   Pendulum 2G:
  • Is one of a few herbicides recommended by university specialists that has shown excellent crop safety on annuals, perennials and woody ornamentals
  • Is for over-the-top use in nurseries on woody species and perennial species that are sensitive to oxyfluorfen or other selected broadleaf herbicides
  • Contains pendimethalin, the long-time industry leader in preemergent weed control performance and value
  • Is an excellent granular formulation for use in landscape beds where safety across a variety of ornamental plant materials is required
  Rate of use: 2.3-4.6 lbs./1000 sq. ft. or 100-200 lbs. per acre in ornamentals   Active ingredient: 2% Pendimethalin Product Label

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    Ken G. K. G. Ken G.

    Quick delivery

    Quick delivery

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    James R. J. R. James R.

    almost worth 5 stars

    I would give this product 5 stars except that it needs to be applied just before (or during rain) and in my part of the world, that is a rare occurrence. If it is exposed to sunlight, it changes color (and degrades?) almost immediately. However, it does work well when applied correctly. In Nevada, I have found it to work well in established landscaped areas with no noticeable damage to existing plant material. As I wrote above, it does need to be applied just before rain in order to be moved into and bound in the soil. When applied correctly with the proper moisture, I have found it to be about 95% effective for the first year following application and without additional application, I think I am getting about 60-70% control the following year. Application is relatively clean and simple using typical fertilizer spreader equipment; very little dust. Cleanup is easy with plain water for the equipment and soap/water for hands. We have no turf at our residence so I can't speak about product effectiveness when used on turf, but if it works on established turf as well as it works on xeric landscape areas, it would be great---also, on turf...one could simply turn on the irrigation system immediately following application and then the issue of waiting for rain would not be an issue. BTW; I have used this product in northern Nevada, southern Nevada, southern Idaho, and southwest Montana.

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