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Millennium Ultra 2 Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons


Millennium Ultra 2 Herbicide

Millennium Ultra 2 is a premium post-emergence herbicide that provides extraordinary control of the most challenging broadleaf weeds, including clover, speedwell, ground ivy and Virginia buttonweed. Because it translocates to the roots, it works on even deep-rooted perennials such as thistle, goldenrod, artichoke and nettle. The unique formulation of 2,4-D, clopyralid and dicamba is one of the most effective formulations for broad-spectrum weed control available in the market today. 

Millennium Ultra 2 is a premium weed control option for athletic/recreational fields, cemeteries, sod farms, golf courses, industrial sites, non-cropland, rights-of-ways and roadsides.

Rates of use:

  • Cool-season grasses: 2-3 pts/Acre
  • Bentgrass (except golf course greens and tees): 1.5-2 pts/Acre
  • Warm-season grasses: 2-3 pts/Acre

Active ingredients:
37.32% 2,4-D
2.54% Clopyralid 
4.65% Dicamba

Do not use on residential turfgrass. See label for other restrictions.

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