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Elbon Rye Grain Seed - 1 Lb.


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Elbon Rye -  A great crop cover also the hardiest seeds for food plots or  mixes. Rye is a winter annual pasture grass and an excellent cover crop. Elbon Rye has good fall and spring growth and is more winter-hardy than wheat or oats.  Elbon Rye puts on much growth in winter when temperatures are above freezing. Although slightly less attractive than wheat or oats, it makes a good companion crop in a fmix with the small grains and clovers because of its extreme cold-hardiness.

Seeding Instructions- Plant August through October for good fall growth. Plant 90-120 lbs/acre alone or 90 in a mix. Excellent companion crop in a food plot mix with wheat, oats and clovers. Produces more winter growth than wheat or oats.

Fertility- Rye is adapted to most soil types and tolerates a pH of 5.5-7.5.

Forage Quality- Forage Yield 4-6 tons/acre. Protein content from 11- 23%.

Wildlife Food Plot Advantages - This winter annual pasture grass produces more winter growth than wheat or oats and can be planted earlier in the fall than most other food plot seeds or cover crops.

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  • D
    Dylan Juhren D. J. Dylan J.

    Looks ok

    Haven't seen growth yet

  • R
    Roy Guidry Jr R. G. J. Roy G. J.

    Rye is awesome

    This rye germed in 5 days, in two weeks it is 6-8"

  • M
    Mark Byrd M. B. Mark B.

    I ordered 2 - 50l lb bags, not 1 lb

    Elbon Rye Grain Seed - 1 Lb.

  • M
    Melanie Giardini M. G. Melanie G.

    Elbon Rye as cover crop

    Shipping was super quick; packaging was sturdy; elbon rye seeds germinated well. I will continue to order here as needed.

  • S
    Steve Lacina S. L. Steve L.

    Backyard farmer

    I use it as a cover crop for my raised beds in gardening, and this will really do the job. Great that I could buy just the right amount I need.

  • J
    Jeff Young J. Y. Jeff Y.

    1st time customer.

    Arrived as described. Seeds look ok.

  • T
    Teresa D. T. D. Teresa D.

    Good stand , in poor

    Good stand , in poor soil with little care

  • M
    Mason Estrada M. E. Mason E.

    Elbow rye grain seed

    Fast shipping hood germination

  • J
    James Jackson J. J. James J.

    Elbon rye seed

    You were out of seed and I had to call because I hadn’t received it after 11 days. When I spoke to someone they said you were out and expecting it this week and I’d have it by next week and today I get a email saying it was delivered and I have not received it, very poor customer service.

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