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Titan ULTRA Tall Fescue Grass Seed (Certified)

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Titan Ultra Turf Type Tall Fescue

Rate: 30 Lbs./acre; 5-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft
Even when conditions are less than ideal, the Titans are well-known and valued for providing durable, attractive turf. A fourth-generation Titan variety and a sister variety to Titan Rx, Titan Ultra turf-type tall fescue not only has great heat tolerance but also provides improved cold climate performance. Titan Ultra continues that tradition with great heat tolerance, improved cold weather performance, darker green color, finer texture, increased disease resistance, and even better self-repairing ability. Titan Ultra is an ideal variety for use as a single cultivar. It also works great used with its sister variety Titan Rx in our popular T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend. Whether planting straight or using in a mix, Titan Ultra is a great choice for homeowners, landscapers, sod producers, and sports field managers. For ultra performance, plant Titan Ultra!
Key Features
Cold Hardy Trial data shows that with Titan Ultra, cold climate lawns are significantly less susceptible to both winter kill and pink snow mold damage. Strong Heat Tolerance Over a 5-year study, Titan Ultra performed equal to Titan Rx in all of the hottest locations, including Arkansas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia. Rhizomes and Recovery Titan Ultra, selected from the original Titan Ltd., produces even more self-repairing rhizomes and aggressive tillers, enabling it better recovery, density, and the ability to fill in bare spots. Disease and Weed Resistant Titan Ultra was bred with improved disease resistance against many diseases including red thread, brown patch (both cool and warm temperature type), and pink snow mold. It has also shown good resistance to weed and poa annua invasion. Pest Resistant Titan Ultra has a natural built-in, safe pesticide called endophyte which repels damaging insects. Great Curb Appeal With all Titan Ultra's extra features, it is easy to overlook the basic fact that Titan Ultra is also able to produce a very attractive turfgrass surface suitable for home lawns, athletic fields, parks, schools, airports, sod fields, and other areas where a turf-type tall fescue is desired.

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  • C
    Chris DeCamp C. D. Chris D.

    Best grass seed

    Used this previously to replace my entire front lawn. Front lawn is beautiful. I tried going cheap and used Scott’s grass seed last year to over seed. I have weeds everywhere. Back to the good stuff.

  • S
    Steven Brockett S. B. Steven B.

    Brockett Order #SW180397 Initial Review Comments

    Hello Seed World. Your seeds arrived in a timely fashion but we won’t be putting this down until likely September. Temperature dependent. Sooo, right now I cannot review. That will come later.

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