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Benefits of a Micro Clover Lawn

Variety: Pipolina

The inclusion of micro-clover in grass mixtures allows the soil to retain more moisture in dry periods. It provides an organic source of nitrogen to support turfgrass growth with added disease and weed resistance. Micro-clover is proving to be a viable, cost-effective solution for lawns and turf areas that require low maintenance. Micro-clover seed is made up of very small, white clovers providing all the benefits of traditional clover with additional advantages.

Microclover's ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form of natural fertilizer for grass makes it ideal for use as part of a self-sustaining lawn. The Micro-clover plants also act as a canopy protecting against weed establishments such as dandelions in turf areas, resulting in an attractive and healthy lawn. Micro-clover can be used at lower rates than traditional grass seed mixtures, which further contributes to its cost-effectiveness and provides an enhanced look and feel to any outdoor space.

New Lawn: Prepare the top 4 to 6 inches of your soil by tilling and adding compost (optional). Micro clover does best with a pH of 6 to 7. Rake to ensure a fine, even surface, then seed using a seed spreader, reserving some seed to fill in any gaps that develop after germination. Water regularly to ensure your soil doesn’t dry out.

Overseeding: Mow close to the soil surface and aerate first. Seed with a thin coating of soil and sand to improve germination rates, rake lightly, and press.

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Customer Reviews

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Based on 23 reviews 4.9/
  • R
    Rycke B. R. B. Rycke B.

    Third time I bought this seed

    After I grew this one year I found this is a true dwarf that grows thick and short and doesn't need mowing.

  • M
    Mike M. Mike

    Germination in just a day!

    Planted a couple of seeds just to see if they will germinate before using the entire bag. Already in a day some seeds have their little roots out. I’ll wait about ten days to see how they develop but as of now I’m happy with the purchase and will try other grass seeds to see wich one the dogs like better.

  • V
    Violet S. V. S. Violet S.


    How much seed would I need for a 60' x 40' plot using the pipolina seed only?

  • A
    Amy C. A. C. Amy C.



  • D

    Haven't planted yet

    Haven't planted yet

  • Cathleen B.
    Cathleen B. C. B. Cathleen B.

    Love it. The clover came

    Love it. The clover came in quickly and has stayed green. I am looking forward to planting the rest of the yard this spring.

  • E
    Erin A. E. A. Erin A.

    Blown Away!!

    I ordered micro clover from Seedworld. I received it in a few days and planted it 7 days ago. With in 4 days the seeds were germinating and as of this post ( 1 week from planting) my backyard is covered in baby clover!! I’m amazed at how well and fast this has grown!! Seedworld is the ONLY place I will ever buy any seed again!!!

  • K
    Kal K. Kal


    I was tired of reseeding our fescue lawn when it became patchy during dry summers and really wet springs, so I decided to try this as a grass alternative. These seeds are really tiny, so first I mixed them with sand and topsoil and then spread that mix on top of what lawn we had left. As others have said, they sprout VERY quickly, within a few days. By day 10 our yard is completely covered with vibrant tiny green clover. Time will tell if I enjoy having a mostly clover lawn, but so far I’m loving the green coverage. Wish I could attach before and after photos because the difference is striking and much more coverage than reseeding with grass seed. Note: I probably should have mentioned what seed I was using to my husband. After a week of growth he cautiously told me that the grass seed I planted looked like it might have some clover seed mixed in :)

  • M
    Mrs M. M. M. Mrs M.

    Beautiful little green microclovers everywhere!

    I'm almost 50 and beginning to plan for a low maintenance lifestyle. I was hoping these micro clovers were the real deal. Not only did they sprout incredibly fast, they are so cute and small compared to the normal clover that sprouts in my lawn. I'm impressed and pleased and plan to order more for my front lawn.

  • S
    Smita S. Smita

    works wonderful

    I had a big 60 years old maple in my side yard which is why nothing grew underneath. My lawn in that area used to be in worst condition. I reseeded it almost every season for 3years after we bought our house. Two seasons ago I decided to use micro clover with lawn seeds. It grew wonderfully for 2 seasons and now this is third season. It works great.

  • D
    D D. D

    Attractive ground cover

    I bought this because my dog's urine is leaving holes in my lawn, and so far it has proven to more resistant to the urea. It's a beautiful ground cover alternative, it helps the grass around it, it grows quickly and easily, and it is easy to see when spreading due to the bright blue color of the seeds.

  • M
    Mary Ecker M. E. Mary E. us

    Micro clover seeds

    Planted 3 days ago and already sprouting. Hoping it will work well in our dog run.

  • C
    Cate Peter Goodin C. P. G. Cate P. G. us

    excellent seed 98% to seedlings

    We are converting from grass to micro clover and are delightd with this growth result. Thank you

  • T
    Ty Jackman T. J. Ty J. us

    Micro Clover Seeds arrived promptly

    I received the seeds quickly. I have not opened the package as I ordered too late in the season (Nov) in North East. I will wait until march to plant. I got annoying email on " we would love to get your feedback." In an attempt to stop further requests for my feed back I am submitting this. I could have gotten sunflower seeds for all I know since I have not opened the package. I don't want to open until I am ready to plant..bla bla bla

  • C
    Christopher Ware C. W. Christopher W. us


    I used this between some pavers. It’s already germinating and sprouting a bit at 6 days. Looking forward to some green. St Augustine didn’t get enough love in between the pavers.

  • M
    Michelle Rissling M. R. Michelle R. us

    Reliable micro clover seed

    This is my 2nd order of micro clover seed. The first bag germinated beautifully and stayed green with no watering all summer. I'm over seeding for the fall and received this second order very quickly. The package indicated the seed was certified this same month. Would order again!

  • M
    Michael Doty M. D. Michael D. us

    Clover seeds

    Received the siege earlier than expected, was happy with the companies correspondence and rapid shipping. Just place the seeds on the ground yesterday, we'll have a further report as I see their green heads emerge.

  • D
    Danelle Stumbo D. S. Danelle S. us

    Day 5 Update

    Day 5! Sprouts everywhere. It’s been 100+ all week. Neighbors are astounded and might all switch the micro clover. I love it! Thank you. (iPhone photo is too large to share) :(


How much square feet can i cover with a 20 lbs bag of pipolina . fresh land with no grass at all.

   Answers (1)

20 lbs of Micro Clover will cover approximately 4000 sq ft.

Category: Micro Clover

Type: Clover Seed

Brand: Seed Ranch

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