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Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

Pennington Seed

Kentucky Bluegrass Turf Seed

  • Coverage 4 Lbs. Per 1000 Sq.Ft.
  •  Produces one of the highest quality, most desirable looking lawns.
  • Aggressively self-spreading grass.
  • Reproduces by seed and spreads by underground stolons.
  • Naturally more disease and insect resistant than other grass varieties.
  • Cool-season perennial grass.

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  • P
    Paul Young P. Y. Paul Y.

    Excellent Supplier

    My seeds came here fast and were good quality seeds.

  • J
    Judson Gutliph J. G. Judson G.

    Showed up fast

    Great service

  • C
    Cynthia Nielsen C. N. Cynthia N.

    Seed arrived in good condition

    I planted it and we’ll see how it germinates and grows!

  • D
    Darrell Mayfield D. M. Darrell M.

    Great Service

    Received the seeds I ordered and shipping was quick. Won’t be planting them until mid September. Hope they work out for us. Thanks

  • Marilyn . M. M.

    They don't care about you

    No one contacted after emails and calls

  • K
    Karen Donham K. D. Karen D.

    Received earlier than expected.

    Ordering was easy and I received our 150lbs of seed earlier than expected.

  • R
    Ron Sass R. S. Ron S.

    Kentucky Blue Grass

    Will let you know once I have put seed down in pasture in April.

  • G
    George Gartner G. G. George G.

    Good product at fair price

    Very high germination rate. Easy to grow

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