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Crystal Bluelinks Bentgrass Seed (Coated)


Produced by Oregon’s top growers, Tee-2-Green
bentgrasses far exceed the standards of general certified
seed. Our seed is free of Poa-annua, Poa trivialis, and all
other noxious and unacceptable weed seeds.

Recognizable by its stunning blue-green color,
Crystal BlueLinks features a semi-erect growth habit,
aggressive recovery and great disease resistance, making
it an excellent choice for greens, tees and fairways.
It’s also able to successfully compete against Poa-annua.

Some benefits of Crystal BlueLinks include:
• Resistant to brown patch and dollar spot
• Very good winter color
• Quick spring green-up
• Heat, cold and shade tolerance
• Tolerates saline and effluent water
• Adaptable to a wide range of conditions
Recommended seeding rate is 1.0 to 1.50 lbs./1,000 sq.
ft. for new plantings and 0.25 to 1.0 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
for interseeding.

 “Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology,”  while it has potential for anyone growing anything from seed, it should have a niche with superintendents facing water quality and quantity issues or less than ideal growing conditions.

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Category: Bentgrass Seed

Type: Bentgrass Seed

Brand: Tee2Green

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