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Truban 25 EC Fungicide - 1 Quart

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Truban 25 EC Fungicide 

The Truban 25 EC Fungicide is an advance formulated emulsifiable concentrate that is intended for use in commercial greenhouses and nurseries. It effectively controls and prevents damping-off, stem and root rot diseases caused by Phytophtora and Pythium. It may be used at time of seeding and transplanting as a drench to control the labeled pathogens. Administer the fungicide only through pressurized drench (flood), sprinkler, or drip (trickle) irrigation systems. Apply on ornamentals like bedding plants, bench plantings of tropical foliage plants, container and bed grown plants. Thoroughly rinse fungicide residues out of all equipment after use.Truban is a time-tested soil fungicide for the control of damping off, root and stem rot diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora in bedding plants, ornamental and nursery crops. Available in two forms, Truban 25 EC is labeled for use in commercial greenhouses and nurseries while Truban 30 WP is labeled for use in commercial greenhouses, nurseries, as well as on commercial turf. Add Truban to your operation to form the foundation for an effective rotational soil-bourne fungicide program.

  Rate of use: Add 3 - 8 oz per 100 gallons of water per 400 sq. ft.   Active Ingredients: Etridiazole - 25%

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