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TerraCyte PRO Fungicide Algaecide - 50 Lbs.

BioSafe Systems

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TerraCyte PRO controls and suppresses algae, moss, liverwort, bacterial diseases, and fungal diseases. It is for use on turf grass and in container-grown plants. This Algaecide/Fungicide is used for the prevention and control of Snow Mold, Brown Patch, Summer Patch, Fairy Ring, Dollar Spot, Pythium, and Phytophthora.

Rate of use: Apply TerraCyte PRO Algaecide/Fungicide at the rate of 1/2 lb. per gallon of water. Use 3 gallons of spray solution per 1,000 sq. ft. of turf grass. See product label for full details.

Active Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate - 85%

TerraCyte PRO controls the following diseases:

  • Alternaria blight
  • anthracnose
  • blackspot
  • botrytis blight
  • botrytis gray mold
  • cercospora leaf spot
  • corynespora leaf spot
  • downy mildew
  • erwinia
  • monilinea fruit and blossom rot
  • penicillium spp. phomopsis blight
  • powdery mildew
  • pseudomonas
  • rust
  • rhodococcus
  • scab
  • septoria leaf spot
  • xanthomonas

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