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Fore 80WP Fungicide - 4 x 1.5 Lb. Packets

Dow AgroSciences

A unique broad spectrum fungicide for preventive control of brown patch and other key turfgrass diseases. Formulated as a wettable powder in water-soluble packets. Product resists wash-off and aids redistribution in wet weather. Ideal choice for summertime conditions when heat, humidity and heavy irrigation combine to create the most intense disease conditions of the year. Works best when used on a preventive 7-14 day schedule.

Controls algae, brown patch copper spot, Fusarium blight, gray leaf spot, and more.

  Diseases controlled include: Algae, Brown patch, Copper spot, Fusarium blight, Gray leaf spot, Helminthosporium, Melting-out, Pythium blight, Red thread, Rust (leaf, stem, stripe), Slime mold, Snow mold, and more. See label for full list.   Rate of use: 4-8 oz./1000 sq. ft., depending on disease
Active ingredient: 
80% Mancozeb

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