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Dithane M-45 Fungicide - 6 oz.



Dithane M-45 fungicide is a broad-spectrum protectant fungicide labeled for outdoor or greenhouse grown crops. Optimum disease control is achieved when the fungicide is applied in a regularly scheduled preventative spray program. The addition of an agricultural surfactant will improve fungicide performance by providing a more uniform spray deposit, increased foliar redistribution, and improved fungicide retention during periods or wet weather.

  • Labeled for many exotic ornamentals such as African Violets, Ferns & Dendrobium Orchids

  • Preferred by many rose growers for Black Spot

  • Commonly used in the commercial production of tomatoes, squash & melons

CONTAINS: 80% Mancozeb

USE ON: Many ornamentals, vegetables (potatoes, corn, squash, cucumber, melon, and papaya)

CONTROLS: leafspots, rust, botrytis, anthracnose, early and late blights, and downy mildew.

RATE: Foliar spray-1.5 tbs. per gallon.

APPLICATION: Mix with water. Apply as a thorough cover spray.

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    John Lapp J. L. John L.



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    Leonard Bliss L. B. Leonard B.

    All good!

    The website was easy to navigate. You had what I was looking for The fungicide arrived quickly and in perfect shape. All good.

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    Shipped quick!

    Got the product quickly and painlessly.

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    Great product at a nice

    Great product at a nice price and quick free shipping as well. Love it!

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    No Product recieved

    I have not received my order? so why are you asking for a review?

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