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Copper Sulfate Powder

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Copper Sulfate Powder

  • A versatile farm chemical:
  • Pest control - snails and slugs
  • Pond cleaner - algae, mosquito larvae
  • Natural fungicide mildew
  • Antiseptic - household germs
  • Organic Bordeaux mix - blight, apple scab, leaf curl, etc.);
  • Remove old tree stumps (bore a hole and insert
  • Kill roots clogging septic tank pipes - flush down the toilet.
  • Wood and canvas preservative (prevents dry rot),

...or simply grow lovely blue crystals.

Usage: For pipeline systems (toilets, etc.) - 1 cup down drains every 2 weeks or 2 cups per month.


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  • J

    copper sulfate

    good price

  • J
    Jamie Barbee J. B. Jamie B.

    Pond water

    Lost some hard to know how much. packakage damaged bag cut. Next time will use ups. I was surprised driver delivered that way.

  • L
    Lani Petrie L. P. Lani P.

    Happy in Hawaii

    Perfect! Arrived just as they said!

  • P
    Phillip Lund P. L. Phillip L.

    Stuff looks great

    I use for alge control in rain water barrles and swimming pool. Only takes a tiny amount to keep the water perfectly clear. Very fine grained powder, easy to grab a pinch when needed.

  • J
    Jens Wendt J. W. Jens W.

    Copper Sulfate

    Quick and easy transaction

  • A
    Anthony Lynch A. L. Anthony L.

    Thank You

    Quality products, honest prices. Thank You!

  • A
    Andy Schmitz A. S. Andy S.

    Good product

    As described.

  • V
    Virginia Moore V. M. Virginia M.

    Great Product

    I received my order timely. Thank you!

  • N
    Nicole Dowell N. D. Nicole D.

    Copper Sulfate powder

    Exactly what I needed. Came quickly and reasonably priced. Thanks!

  • J
    John Lehman J. L. John L.

    Copper sulfate order.

    I received it as expected. I have no complaints.

  • W
    William Gray W. G. William G.

    Copper Sulphate to wheat paste

    I've read that copper sulphate added to home made wheat paste for bookbinding will discourage moths from eating the binding. But the source didn't say how much to add. I will probably make one-half cup at a time. Do you know how much I should add?

  • P
    Peter Cowan P. C. Peter C.


    Excellent experience

  • D
    David Hartquist D. H. David H.

    Copper sulfate

    Received as expected

  • S
    Sandra Sanders S. S. Sandra S.

    Good price, fast delivery

    Good price, fast delivery. Good communication throughout the process.

  • LU . L. L.

    On time

    prompt delivery as promised.

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