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Banrot 40 WP Fungicide - 2 Lbs.

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Banrot 40 WP Fungicide

Banrot 40 WP is a broad spectrum soil fungicide for the control of damping-off, root and stem rot diseases caused by Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, and Thielaviopsis. It may be used at time of seeding and transplanting as a drench to control the labeled pathogens in commercial greenhouses.  
  • Wettable powder formulation
  • For use in commecial greenhouses only
Application rate: 4-12 oz. per 100 gallons of water, depending on plant type; see label for full instructions   Active ingredients: 
15% Etridiazole
25% Thiophanate-methyl

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  • M
    Marlo Showalter M. S. Marlo S.

    Good Prices

    Prices for the chemicals I needed to treat Vanda orchids was cheaper here than other sites. The shipping was pretty fast too. Would order from them again.

  • D
    Diane Sterling D. S. Diane S.


    Product arrived quickly, as promised and advertised. Packaged with care. Very pleased with purchase, product, and customer service. Used for red blotch on Amaryllises—time will tell.

  • S
    Susan Gacheri S. G. Susan G.


    Arrived promptly. Item was securely packaged and was as described. I applied it immediately. I hope my plants respond.

  • V
    Valerie Creehan V. C. Valerie C.

    Reasonable prices, timely shipping of order

    Banrot 40 WP Fungicide - 2 Lbs.

  • T
    Thomas W. T. W. Thomas W.

    Nice price with quick free

    Nice price with quick free shipping, perfect!

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