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Fruit Plants

Cowart Muscadine Grape Vine Plant - 1 Gallon

Grape Vine Plant - 1 Gallon

The grape is a fruiting berry of the deciduous, woody vines of the genus Vitis. Approximately 71% of the world's grape production is used for wine, 27% as fresh fruit, and 2% as dried fruit. Yeast, one of the earliest domesticated microorganisms, occurs naturally on the skins of grapes, leading to the innovation of alcoholic drinks such as wine. The earliest known production of wine occurred around 8,000 years ago in the country of Georgia.



Grape Plant:

Full to Partial Shade

Keep Moist


Apply Slow Release Fertilizer every 2-3 Months

Currently, we are unable to send plants to California.

Category: Grape Vine

Type: Grape Plant

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