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XtraGraze BMR Sorghum Sudangrass Seed - 1 Lb.

Seed Ranch

Xtra Graze BMR Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrid Seed is a traditional style sorghum haygrazer, featuring the following:

  • BMR 6 Low lignin technology, for improved digestibility & feeding efficiency
  • Exceptional seedling vigor, for rapid establishment and early growth
  • High sugar content, to improve palatability and feed intake
  • Feed lot equivalent rates of gain in animals direct grazing XtraGraze
  • Improves milk components in dairy cattle
  • Versatile, fits many production schemes
  • Superior regrowth, for quicker harvests
  • Excellent nitrogen use efficiency, to manage input costs
  • Stay green trait, for improved leaf retention and superior forage analysis
  • Great drought tolerance, for top production in low water environments
  • Wide adaptation, can be used in many soil types and production environments

Planting information: plant 30-50 pounds of seed per acre, in soil with a minimum pH of 6.

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  • J
    Janssen Longenecker J. L. Janssen L.

    Good job


  • G
    Gary Van wey G. V. W. Gary V. w.


    Was fast shopp

  • G
    Glen C. Evans G. C. E. Glen C. E.

    Germinated 100%

    I have begun doing germination test before planting and was pleased that this seed had 100% germination. We are planting now and so I’m sure we will have good results. We have used this seed previously and were very pleased with the production.

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