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Wildlife Food Plot Seed

(Pre-Order Ships Sept) Tifleaf 3 Hybrid Pearl Millet Seed

Tifleaf 3 is a high quality leafy pearl millet hybrid developed by USDA-ARS at Tifton, GA. It matures later than most tall hybrids and grows approximately 6 feet tall if not defoliated. Tifleaf 3 features higher resistance to rust than the Tifleaf 2 variety, and as such Tifleaf 3 produces higher yields in cases of rust infection. Heifers grazing Tifleaf 3 also gained 67 lbs./acre more than those grazing Tifleaf 2.

Advantages of Pearl Millet as a summer annual forage:
  • High forage quality
  • High drought tolerance
  • No prussic acid production

Planting information: plant Tifleaf 3 in soil over 70 degrees F at the following rates:
  • 36 inch rows: 10 Lbs./acre
  • 24 inch rows: 15 Lbs./acre
  • 7 inch rows: 25 Lbs./acre
Tifleaf 3 can be grazed when it is 15-18 inches tall.

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