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Renovation White Clover Seed

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Renovation White Clover Seed

Developed by Dr. Joe Bouton, and released by the University of Georgia and The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Renovation was bred using traditional non-GMO breeding methods, crossing naturally selected highly stoloniferous Southern Plain wild ecotypes with proven large-leafed ladino plants.

Renovation White Clover was bred for increased stolon density and features increased persistence, even under grazing. It also has wider leaves, which means more forage and less weed pressure. Renovation’s ability to aggressively spread makes it perfect for erosion control and slope stabilization.

Renovation is an excellent choice to improve and maintain healthy productive pastures and is ideal for all livestock. When planted into toxic endophyte pastures, it can help lessen the effects of endophyte toxicity and contribute to overall herd health. Renovation is also an ideal choice for wildlife food plots: it provides a high-protein food source, acts as a seasonal attractant, and contributes nitrogen to surrounding plants.

Planting information: Renovation performs best in soils with a pH 6.0-6.5. It will also grow in semi-acidic soils as low as pH 5.0. Renovation will perform better on moist, well-drained, fertile soil. Seeding into deep sandy soils is not recommended. For optimal performance, conduct a soil test and follow the recommended lime and fertilizer recommendations. In established pastures, remove excess forage through grazing or late season haying. This will help ensure successful seedling emergence and establishment. Reduce weed population prior to planting. Be aware of herbicide carryover/residual of chemicals applications prior to planting.

Seeding rate: as a pure stand on prepared seedbed, 5 lbs./acre; as mixture with grasses on prepared seedbed, 1-2 lbs./acre; into established grass pastures, 2-3 lbs./acre. Plant seeds 1/8"-1/4" deep into a prepared/firm seedbed by broadcast or drill.

When to plant: All cool-season clovers, including Renovation, need time to establish before harsh weather arrives. In the lower Southern USA, the best time to plant is late fall. In the upper South, plant mid-late fall or early spring. In the North, plant early fall or early spring. Frost seeding also works well. If planting during other times, reseeding may be necessary to achieve an optimal stand.

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