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Iron and Clay Cowpeas Food Plot Seeds

Great food plot item - The deer will flock to these peas especially when they are new little tender seedlings just emerging at the 1-2 leaf stage. Cowpeas are a favorite for a good hardy southern area food plot.

Iron and clay cowpeas are one of the most popular peas for wildlife enthusiasts who are planting warm season plots for deer and other wildlife. They are extremely high yielding in forage mass with high protein levels. They tend to be productive throughout the summer. Cowpeas are generally very tolerant to deer pressure and once established have good re-growth potential. They will also produce seeds in pods in late summer that make excellent quail and turkey food as they dry and shatter.

Iron & Clay Peas (Iron-Clay Cowpeas) are a southern favorite for food plots and are an easily planted crop either in row or by broadcasting. This is an annual legume that provides forage and seeds for deer and game birds alike, and can be planted in early March through September depending upon the climate zone.


Plant 3-5 lb. per 1000 sq. ft.

These peas are ideal mixed with other food plot additives and are easy to divide and plant as short strips between other crops.

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  • H
    Heith Rogers H. R. Heith R.


    Everything showed intact and on time

  • j
    justin aubrey J. A. justin a.

    Seed world review

    Easy, quick, proper boxing and packaging, secure. Thank you

  • J
    Jerald Johnson J. J. Jerald J.

    I haven't received 3 of the 4 bags so

    Iron & Clay Cowpea Seeds

  • Alston Ross
    Alston Ross A. R. Alston R.

    Buckwheat and cow peas

    Seeds growing good and got to my house fast

  • jeffrey brenneman
    jeffrey brenneman J. B. jeffrey b.


    Yes I ordered soybean and cow peas and lab lab . I disc soil then broadcast seed and dragged it in .. luckily got some rain and in days it came up strong..a++

  • C
    Chris leblanc C. L. Chris l.

    Candy for deer

    Awesome product

  • R
    Robert Hominger R. H. Robert H.

    All good

    Satisfied customer

  • G
    Glen C. Evans G. C. E. Glen C. E.

    Good service

    Very good service

  • A
    Aldred Davenport A. D. Aldred D.

    On time

    Thanks for your quick delivery, I was able to get my seed in the ground in front of a 2in ground soaking rain I know they are going to have a good start. Can't wait to see the. results AMD

  • t
    timothy O'Quinn T. O. timothy O.


    They arrived fast an look great

  • B
    Bo Lowery B. L. Bo L.



  • T
    Travis Behr T. B. Travis B.

    Great company

    Highly recommended

  • K
    Kyle Odom K. O. Kyle O.


    Order shipped and got here fast. Thank you

  • S
    Sean McDonald S. M. Sean M.

    Iron Clay Peas

    Bought from Seed World for the last couple of years and have not found a better product, service, or price anywhere. My go to!

  • V
    Victor Campbell V. C. Victor C.

    Fast delivery

    Got them in before the ground was warm very long. Looking forward to sprouts.

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