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Buck Forage Oats Food Plot Seeds


Deer prefer Buck Forage Oats to any other small grain.  We challenge you to plant Buck Forage Oats next to any other food plot item, and see what attracts deer more consistently.
  • Buck Forage Oats are extremely winter-hardy.  Dont lose your food plot to cold weather this year!

  • Buck Forage Oats stay tender and more palatable longer than other oats.  While they germinate rapidly, they are much slower to put on the thick, stemmy growth that turn deer off.

  • It is much cheaper to plant a field to Buck Forage Oats once, than to feed for the entire hunting season.  And you dont have to fill the feeders!

Planting Information: 

Seasons: Fall & Spring
Rate: 75-100 lbs. per acre
Depth: 1/2"- 1" 
PH.: 5.5 - 7

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  • D
    Dave Dingman D. D. Dave D.

    Satisfied customer

    Came well packed with no leakage. Can't wait wait to plant at the end of August.

  • C
    Christine Olivier C. O. Christine O.

    Great service

    The order was received in a timely manner. Thanks for great service!

  • J
    James Johnson J. J. James J.


    Have not planted . service was good

  • G
    Gail Nakano G. N. Gail N.

    Buck Forage Oats

    Order it on the 11 deliver 15 great customer service answer all the questions I had Won't use the product till this fall

  • L
    Larry White L. W. Larry W.

    Buck Forage Oats

    I have not planted.yet. I have read some reviews and wanted to try them myself deer food plots this year. On the shipping, I was very happy with the way they packaged the seeds to insure they didn’t get wet. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! N

  • K
    Kris Ennis K. E. Kris E.

    Buck forage oats delivery

    very impressed on how well the bags of seed were packaged for shipping. also appreciate prompt service and delivery

  • J
    Joseph Stuter J. S. Joseph S.

    Buck Forage Oats Delivery

    The delivery of my order was fast and the package was in great shape.

  • C
    Charles Tweed C. T. Charles T.

    Buck forage oats

    Service and delivery were awsome it has been too wet to plantso i cant say about the seed

  • W
    William Miller W. M. William M.

    Good product

    Shipping was fast will see what happens in the summer

  • J


    Buck Forage Oats Food Plot Seeds

  • K
    Kelly Roggenkamp K. R. Kelly R.

    Not yer

    It hasn’t been planted yet, but it’s here!

  • K
    Kenneth Carruth K. C. Kenneth C.


    Good product. Excellent service.

  • J
    Jennifer Pellegrino J. P. Jennifer P.

    Oats and peas

    Great prices and timely delivery!

  • R
    Ryan Bennett R. B. Ryan B.

    Bugs in seed bag

    There were weevils in the seed.

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