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Deer prefer Buck Forage Oats to any other small grain.  We challenge you to plant Buck Forage Oats next to any other food plot item, and see what attracts deer more consistently.
  • Buck Forage Oats are extremely winter-hardy.  Dont lose your food plot to cold weather this year!

  • Buck Forage Oats stay tender and more palatable longer than other oats.  While they germinate rapidly, they are much slower to put on the thick, stemmy growth that turn deer off.

  • It is much cheaper to plant a field to Buck Forage Oats once, than to feed for the entire hunting season.  And you dont have to fill the feeders!

Planting Information: 

Seasons: Fall & Spring
Rate: 75-100 lbs. per acre
Depth: 1/2"- 1" 
PH.: 5.5 - 7

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  • R
    Ryan Bennett R. B. Ryan B.

    Bugs in seed bag

    There were weevils in the seed.

  • T
    Terry Treece T. T. Terry T.

    Great Company

    Perfect- Ordered and received extremely quick. Received in perfect condition. Excellent.

  • M
    Mark Brewer M. B. Mark B.

    Buck Forage

    Thanks for great price and super fast shipping

  • m
    michael matyi M. M. michael m.

    the only oats to plant.

    i have tried most every oats that they use for food plots and I am here to tell you through video camera proof that not one of the other brands of oats match up to buck forage. it's not even close.

  • D
    Don Nicholson D. N. Don N.

    Buck Forage Oats

    My order. was delivered in a timely manner and my order was delivered with out any damage. I planted the oats yesterday, just hoping for some rain soon. I definitely will be ordering more seed in the future. Thanks for the great service and quick delivery. Don

  • C
    Christy Brigman C. B. Christy B.

    Nicely packaged

    Very well packaged and fast shipping.. haven’t planted them yet but I Will update review once I’ve opened and planted them

  • b
    beyer B. beyer

    first time using seed world

    Found product that I needed and it was a great deal until shipping prices were added. However, with delivery prices it was still a little cheaper than what I could get it for around here. Website was easy to use, tracking notification was nice, and it was a fast delivery. I will be using seed world again. Thank you!

  • K
    Kenneth Barrett K. B. Kenneth B.


    Shipping too high

  • D
    Dan Whitaker D. W. Dan W.

    Impressed with Seed World

    I couldn't find Buck Forage Oats in my area. I came across Seed World and ordered them. They shipped them immediately and I received them quick.. I highly recommend them.

  • S
    Shannon Finnegan S. F. Shannon F.

    Great service

    Great service haven’t planted the seed yet so can’t comment on it

  • P
    Phillip Jordan P. J. Phillip J.

    Excellent service

    Excellent service.

  • K
    Kerry Furgerson K. F. Kerry F.

    No problem

    Buck Forage Oats Food Plot Seeds

  • K
    Kerry Furgerson K. F. Kerry F.

    No problem

    Buck Forage Oats Food Plot Seeds

  • D
    Dan Reeves D. R. Dan R.

    Buck Frage Oats

    Waiting until the time is right to seed, so so can’t comment on this batch, have used it to good results in the past. Request for review came too soon

  • H
    Heidi McIntosh H. M. Heidi M.

    Forage oats.

    Seen item advertised on tv and looking forward to seeing what change it will make.

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