Wildlife Food Plot Seed

Ameristand 455TQ RR Alfalfa Seed

America's Alfalfa

Ameristand 455 TQ Top Quality Traffic Tested Alfalfa Seed

with Genuity Roundup Ready Tolerance

AmeriStand 455TQ RR Alfalfa provides excellent forage quality with a very fast recovery for frequent harvest schedules. It exhibits improved salt tolerance of germinating seeds, as well as resistance to Anthracnose, Bacterial Wilt, Phytophthora Root Rot, and other diseases.


  • Produces large, deep set crownss with high carbohydrate reserves for regrowth and winter survival
  • Performance of very popular AmeriStand 407TQ with herbicide resistance
    Seeding: Ameristand 455TQ RR has a Fall Dormancy rating of 4.4, Winterhardiness of 2.0, and is good for 4-5 cuttings per season.
    • Seeding Rate: 15-20 pounds per acre nationwide but generally 20-30% higher in the South and far West.
    • Depth: 1/4"-1/2"
    • Soil: Fertile, well-drained soils with a pH above 6.2 

    Purchase of this product requires a Monsanto number. Please provide this in the notes during checkout. 

    If you do not have one, please call 1-800-768-6387, option # 3. There is no charge for registration.

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    • B
      Bart Phoenix B. P. Bart P.

      Communications problems

      I ordered on line 2-29-24 and didn't get delivery date, on 03-06 I called to check on the order and was told that they were waiting for my bayer #! Why was the order and shipping number created without contacting me for that information? Also there was not any information as to whether this product was inoculated! I tried to call on several occasions to get clarification with no answer!

    • R
      Rob Bennett R. B. Rob B.

      Waiting to plant

      Got my alfalfa order shipped in no time flat Going to sow in the middle of April

    • R
      Ronald Lambert R. L. Ronald L.

      Alfagrave 455TQ RR

      Planted a one acre test food plot Aug 5 2022 for a small hunt club in SW Va and achieved absolutely amazing results deer active has tripled in the past 4 months. also planted several acre’s for another club with same results.. if keeping deer on your property is your goal IMO this product out performs anything I’ve used.

    • J
      John Kribs J. K. John K.

      Ameristand Alfalfa

      Seed looks great. I received it in a timely manner. Can’t wait to plant it

    • T
      Tommy Watkins T. W. Tommy W.


      5 star, very helpful and fast delivery thank you for your excellent service

    • R
      Rob Bennett R. B. Rob B.

      Not planted yet

      Received seed but too cold to plant. Seed arrived packaged well and now just need Spring to arrive.

    • E
      Eric Pruitt E. P. Eric P.

      Thank you

      Thank you.. received well packaged and undamaged

    • C
      Chris Pruitt C. P. Chris P.

      Alfalfa seed

      My alfalfa seed came on time planted. I got good coverage very satisfied.

    • T
      Tim Goacher T. G. Tim G.

      Alfalfa seed

      Fast shipping thanks

    • T
      Todd Treybal T. T. Todd T.

      Great Service

      Ameristand 455TQ RR Alfalfa Seed

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