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Aeschynomene Seed (Deer Vetch)

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Aeschynomene Aka Deer Vetch Seeds:

Variety: Americana UnHulled and Grown in Florida

Aeschynomene is a warm-season annual legume adapted to moist sites throughout the state, but it is mainly grown in South Florida. Seed of two species are commercially available to producers: Aeschynomene americana, also known as common aeschynomene, joint vetch or deer vetch, and a newly available species Aeschynomene evenia, which has no common name.

Planting Information: 

Date: April - June
Rate: 20 lbs. per acre or ½ lb. per 1000 sq. ft.
Depth: ¼" 
Excellent: Food Plots for Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, and Quail.

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  • B
    Bill B. Bill

    Very impressed

    Got 1 pound of the deer vetch and 5 pounds of Alyce clover for a Christmas gift last year. Planted in the spring. It is unreal what it has done with no rain. I plan to buy much more this year. I’m very happy with it.

  • S
    Steve Nichols S. N. Steve N.

    Very pleased!

    Quick shipment; high quality.

  • R
    Robert Hotard R. H. Robert H.

    deer vetch

    fast shipping -thanks

  • M
    Michael Cameron M. C. Michael C.

    Better communication and quick shipping

    I’ve ordered from y’all for 10 years or so and have seen an improvement in communication once the order is submitted. Seed quality has always been very good. Keep up the good work and happy Spring!

  • C
    Clay Smith C. S. Clay S.


    Couldn’t be more satisfied

  • V
    Victor Campbell V. C. Victor C.

    Arrived in excellent package

    Is currently in the ground and hope to see results in a few weeks. The seed varieties are superb and the seed all appear in great condition.

  • D
    DExWtSbs D. DExWtSbs



  • D
    DExWtSbs D. DExWtSbs



  • D
    DExWtSbs D. DExWtSbs



  • S
    Susan Garrett S. G. Susan G.


    Seeds arrived promptly and in great condition.

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