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Urea 46-0-0 Fertilizer

Potash Corp

Urea 46-0-0 High Nitrogen Fertilizer

This bulk PRILLED urea fertilizer contains 46% nitrogen. It should be mixed into the soil or watered in immediately to avoid losing a percentage of that nitrogen content to the atmosphere in the form of ammonia gas, which can happen if the fertilizer is left on the surface of the soil.

  • Highly soluble
  • Can be applied to the soil or used as a foliar spray for certain plants
  • Can be mixed with some other fertilizers, including sulphate of potash. Do not mix with superphosphate fertilizers

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  • A
    Andris Zvirgzdins A. Z. Andris Z.

    Urea purchase

    Arrived in good condition

  • S
    Stephen Kuehl S. K. Stephen K.

    Everything was Excellent

    Excellent. Great price and delivery was made on time. What more can you ask for?

  • N
    Nino Capili N. C. Nino C.

    Fast shipping. Properly packaged.

    For lawn needs that are not available locally, Seedworld is my go to place. My local supplier of Urea ran out and Seedworld stepped up by shipping fast.

  • B
    Bryan McGriff B. M. Bryan M.


    Very fast shipping and great quality

  • A
    Aycud A. Aycud

    Proven Product for the Second Season

    Excellent product, decent prices, shipping cost not so great, but did receive boxed packaged bags very quickly. Overall, a very satisfied customer.

  • L
    Lanny Forrester L. F. Lanny F.

    Fall Nitrogen Blitz

    I have 43k yard so got two 50# 46-0-0 and divided into 33# doses.One down two to go. John Deere is getting a workout. Blue grass lawn has never been greener.

  • T
    Tom Campbell T. C. Tom C.

    Great purchase

    Delivery was fast and product was as described

  • C
    Cheri Weidlich C. W. Cheri W.


    Received product in a timely manner

  • P
    Phillip Johnson P. J. Phillip J.

    Urea fertilizer

    Showed up in good packaging. That was the only worry I had. Was shipped in heavy duty card board boxes.

  • M
    Mike Dow M. D. Mike D.


    I can see the difference since I started using this Thanx

  • R
    Robert Rogoff R. R. Robert R.

    Great product, great company

    Fantastic product, arrived quickly, exactly what I ordered. Thank you again.

  • G
    Gregory Fanady G. F. Gregory F.

    Quick delivery

    Great experience and quick delivery

  • W
    Wang W. Wang

    Urea 46-0-0 Fertilizer

    Package broken and leaks.

  • J
    Jason Nguyen J. N. Jason N.

    Arrival item correct as ordered

    Item price and shipping are relatively cheap compare to other providers. Item delivered correct as ordered. Straight forward

  • S
    Sean Boyd S. B. Sean B.

    Bag with a hole in it

    Box was set in the rain and not on or under the porch. The bag had a hole in it, the box was wet, and when I picked up the box about 6 lb of fertilizer feel to the ground. The bag should have been taped. The ground was wet so I lost most of it. If the box was not wet or the bag was taped and not torn then it would have been acceptable.

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