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Lesco Fertilizer 24-0-11 - 75% PolyPlus AS 3%Fe 1%Mn - 50 lbs.


Use PolyPlus to deliver Enhanced Efficiency nitrogen under the widest variety of environmental conditions. PolyPlus fertilizer delivers slow, uniform release for consistent growth, reduced mowing frequency, maximum nutrient takeup, and more balanced feeding and growth cycles—all with a minimum of fertilizer loss. PolyPlus is recommended for use with turf and ornamentals during all growing seasons and in varying environmental conditions. SiteOne has engineered specific LESCO PolyPlus formulations for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, and athletic fields - in all geographical climates. Whether used alone, or as a component in blended fertilizers or combination products, PolyPlus nitrogen is sure to provide high performance and nutrient efficiency at an affordable price.

  • Release of nitrogen from PolyPlus is not determined by soil moisture, pH, particle size, soil type or microbial action
  • There is NO delay in nitrogen feeding when PolyPlus is applied to turf
  • PolyPlus nitrogen release occurs consistently - regardless of the time of season

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