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Essential Plus Liquid Fertilizer - 2.5 Gallons

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Essential Plus 1-0-1 

Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator

Essential combines, in one formula, essential amino acids, sea kelp, humic acid, yucca extract, rooting hormones, fermented plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, magnesium, calcium and more. Each ingredient is of the highest quality and was selected for its complementary and synergetic treatment benefits. These ingredients will:  
  • Hasten seed germination
  • Improve rooting
  • Feed beneficial soil microbes
  • Improve plant physiology
  • Reduce excess salinity in soils
  • Improve a soil's nutrient holding capacity
  • Reduce environmental stress
  Essential is a 100% natural organic product and is listed by OMRI.   Rate of use: For turf application, use 3-4 oz. per 1000 sq. ft.; see label for instructions regarding transplants/ornamental/tree application.
Guaranteed analysis:
 1-0-1 NPK; see label for additional detailed nutrient information.

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